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ABOUT US – Time Trading Corporation



The business was started in SEP 1980, by Ashwini Kumar Jain,who after completing his MBA from Banaras Hindu University in 1978, worked for two years with Jayna Time Industries(manufacturers of famous JAYCO alarm time pc and clocks), in marketing department. Initially, the basic business was to import the clock movement mechanism from West Germany. Assemble them and to make Antique and Fancy picture clocks. MAYUR brand was established. In 1982, Aditya Kumar Jain joined the business after completing his intermediate in Chartered Accountancy. In 1983, Ashwini Kumar Jain went to Basle Fair (in Switzerland), biggest Watch Clock and Jewellery Fair in the world and around the world to various countries in Europe, America , Japan and other Asian countries. During the visit, we procured the agency of a German Clock movement manufacture EMES, and became their sole selling agents for India and neighbouring countries.


In 1983, we entered New Lajpat Rai Mkt, under the name and style of Time Trading Corporation, In 1986, Aditya Kumar Jain, visited West Germany and took training for assembly of clock movements and and then visited Hong Kong and Taiwan to procure clock movements and other components and parts.He has been visiting to these countries since that time .. In 1989/1990, we entered into the business of making C O B ( chip on board ). Packaging IC chip on PCB. We started supplying COB to clock manufacturers in India and afterwards to manufacturers of Car reverse horn , Toy industry, Door bell industry and Musical greeting card manufacturers and so on till now. The machines to make these COB were imported from Taiwan and Hong Kong. We ourself got training to operate and maintain these machines. Today, perhaps,we have the biggest installed capacity to handle this type of work in India, In 1983,December, office was opened at Morbi, Distt Rajkot in Gujrat,which is the heart of clock industry in India. renowned brands like Ajanta, Orpat, Samay , Scientific etc are all Morbi based.Continued till 1989. In the year 2000, we started making and selling Calculators with the brand name of GRAND and with customers brand. We were the first in India to develop our own IC for CHECK and CORRECT calculators, otherwise made by CASIO and CITIZEN only in the world. To market these , branch offices were established in Mumbai and Chennai as well. We have enough exposure / expertise to develop any type of Electronic product which has CHIP on BOARD, like calculators, Digital diaries, Digital Thermometers and so on. We have good relationship with suppliers in Hong Kong , Taiwan and China. Some of our suppliers are OEM to industy leaders in the world. The voice chip technology that was initially used in clocks , calculators etc. is now used in voice /musical invitation cards, greeting cards and musical gift boxes. We are / had been suppliers to almost all big names in musical card manufacturers in India. Custom made voice modules for corporate invitations and voice i.c. for electronic , security and automobile industry is our specialisation